We are a global collaborative network focused on connecting underserved communities to the digital economy.

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Digital Confidence

Mobile apps that involve money can feel inaccessible, overwhelming, or confusing to people new to digital.

How might we enable new internet users to interact with the digital economy confidently and independently?


Last-mile commerce is mostly informal and cash-based, limiting earning and buying opportunities.

How might we HELP low-income PEOPLE tap into e-commerce networks as entry points for digital money?

Building Shared

Reaching the last mile can be costly for organizations.

How might we reduce the cost to serve rural communities by sharing resources across organizations?


We prototype, pilot, and invest in new ventures alongside a global network of businesses, NGOs, philanthropies, and governments.

Recent Initiatives

Cover Image for New Internet User Makeathon

New Internet User Makeathon

A multi-company prototyping event to build early-stage prototypes for new internet users.

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Cover Image for Digital Confidence Design Tools

Digital Confidence Design Tools

A set of design tools to help product teams build digital services that work for everyone. Regardless of where they live, what language they speak, or which device they use.

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Cover Image for Shared Agent Network

Shared Agent Network

A bank-startup collaboration to deliver banking access at local retailers for low-income customers

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We partner with organizations at every step of the innovation cycle from spotting opportunities to scaling them


We surface innovative early-stage opportunities through Convenings, Hard Problems Shares, and Makeathons.

Build & Pilot

We design new products and accelerate the cycle to bring them to market through Design Projects, Experiment Coaching, and Pilot Investments.


We supercharge in-market solutions to reach new users and geographies through Design Resources and Financial Investments.

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